The Key to Success in Real Estate is in
3 Simple Steps:

STEP 1: Get Your License

In order to get licensed, you will need a TECHNICAL EDUCATION, which is acquired through your course work. However, your license guarantees you nothing. The Northwest Arkansas Real Estate School courses you are required to take in order to GET your license are very different from the courses you will need to KEEP it.

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STEP 2: Build Your Business

The purpose of a BUSINESS is to give you your ideal life. Our BUSINESS COURSES will show you how to work less, make more, put it on autopilot and enjoy your life.

STEP 3: Invest Your Profits

Financial success comes from a FINANCIAL EDUCATION. Build long-term wealth by Learning to Find, Analyze, Acquire, Rehab & Manage your own cash flowing property portfolio.

invest your profits

Real Estate is…

The best business in the world!

There is a path to the top of the business. Our Northwest Arkansas Real Estate School courses curriculum was designed, created & modeled after the most successful tools, strategies & formulas you need to know to get there yourself. All you have to do is FOLLOW THE FORMULA.


Northwest Arkansas Real Estate School gives you more than just the answers to representative test questions. We show how the subject applies to real, everyday situations. Answers by themselves can be confusing. We fill in the details and show you how parts fit together.

We offer complete exam preparation including handouts, state application, testing handbook and test-taking advice; real-world examples and applications; all materials, nothing else to buy!

Your trainer is a licensed and experienced real estate Broker.

Life is an adventure! Some people go along for the ride letting others lead the way. Others chart their own course and reach peaks never before seen. At Northwest Arkansas Real Estate School, we believe the ability to reach these heights is for everyone. Each of us can claim the summit of success.

Hundreds of our graduates have passed the test – You can too!


For almost 20 years, the mission of the Northwest Arkansas Real Estate School has been to provide practical, innovative, and quality real estate pre-licensure classes, both in-person and online, for those seeking to enter into the real estate industry and for existing practitioners seeking to renew their real estate license.

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